Custom Colour Profiles – Collection 1


One click, adjustable and non-destructive colour grading for raw files, retouched tifs and video files in Lightroom. Designed by me for my own work over the last few months, with nice skin tones and subtle colour shifts suitable for wedding and portraits…

The first 30 profiles I use most often have now been finished, tweaked and tested. I took my favourite adjustment layers, LUTs and actions that I use in Photoshop and converted them into the new Lightroom profile that doesn’t touch any of the sliders (although you can still adjust these if you wish). Then I adapted them to make them compatible with jpgs and tifs. And with a tiny workaround, you can apply them to video clips too. The tones are subtle, very usable and designed specifically for portrait and wedding photography. The profiles can be easily adjusted with a single slider to make the effect softer or stronger, and are easily changed as they are non-destructible. They are designed to work on images with correct exposure and white balance, although both of these can be tweaked in Lightroom before or after applying the profile to adapt to taste.

Due to the nature of digital products, they are not refundable.


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This is a digital download of 30 Adobe Colour Profiles for use with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. They do not work with Capture One. With your purchase of the downloadable profiles you will also receive video instructions on how to install and use.

Requires Adobe Camera Raw 10.3 or later, Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom CC.
Before purchasing, please make sure that both Lightroom and Photoshop have been updated to the latest version. Open Lightroom, go to the Develop Module and look at the top, do you see Profiles? If not, please update both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds are not provided.

Use on retouched TIF or JPG files:


And on RAW files, before or without retouching in Photoshop…



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