Ellie in the studio

Ellie in the studio

You know the saying “the cobbler’s son has no shoes”?
Well, today I decided enough was enough: I grabbed my daughter for half an hour and took her to the studio, with the intention of capturing something for the walls of our home. It was time, I decided this morning, for this cobbler to get my daughter some gorgeous Louboutins. Or rather, her image on some gorgeous Canvas Pro from Graphistudio to grace our walls, so she has no doubt how important she is to us.
So this is her in all her fabulousness: including a hole in the knee of her favourite leggings and her favourite boots that look just like Mum’s.

This is a single light, a small ad200 in a 35 euro softbox in front of backdrop painted by me for less than 100 including canvas and paint.

I am blinded by her personality and beauty, so cannot be subjective at all about this photograph.

Editing points: minor healing to clean up marks on sweater, some frequency separation to remove hairs in front of her mouth and eyes, dodge and burn to focus the eye on her face, a face swap from another photograph, and colour grading using adjustment layers.

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